Civil Infrastructure, West Virginia Aerials, Charleston West Virginia Drone


Use Cases:

• Roof Inspections

• Bridge Inspections

• Pipeline Inspections

• Transmission tower/lines Inspections

• Water Tower Inspections


• OrthoMosaics geo-rectified

• ArcGIS and/or Google Earth

• Videography/Close up photography

• 3D Modeling of Commercial Construction

These services are focused on inspection tools for such assets using UAV’s to safely and efficiently inspect such assets. UAV imagery provides the ability, using GIS technology, to overlay subsequent flights on top of each other. Tools with GIS software allow organizations to “slide” layers allowing imagery comparisons previously unattainable cost effectively on regular intervals.


UAV applications are about enhancing other services, reducing the number of events and risk for employees and their organizations. Transmission towers, water towers and bridges will still need, at times, physical inspections. UAV’s are another tool in the toolbox to provide baseline inspection information creating a safer work environment saving time and money.

Ortho products are flown at 400 foot elevation (400’ above ground level or top of building being inspected, whichever is higher.) Seamless ortho images are provided and high resolution photography when requested. 

Sky Vision Imagery is the area's leading provider of high quality drone aerial photography services. Sky Vision Imagery offers a range of aerial photography services to meet all the needs of our clients.
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