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Aerial Photography and Videography can take your construction company to the next level by providing employees and clients up to date and accurate aerial information. Our team of trained aerial pilots can track the progress of projects, provide before and after images or even capture beautiful marketing images to entice new buyers and renters.


Use Cases:

• Progress Milestones for payments

• Design/Build Collaborations

• Identifies issues/changes reducing change orders.

• Validation of design requirements to as-built components.

• Before/After Images


• OrthoMosaics geo-rectified

• ArcGIS and/or Google Earth

• 3D Modeling

• DSM/DTM Hillshade modeling

Construction services provide valuable information. Ortho visualizations enable effective collaboration among owners, engineers, design and construction teams. Our UAV inspection services can provide larger quantities of data and analytics in shorter amount of times, while keeping resources out of dangerous situations.

Ortho imagery acquired by SVI UAVs provide more than a cursory glance at the details. Our ortho imagery can provide planners with information not previously available, but which can reduce change or revision later in major projects. Providing seamless ortho imagery, provides numerous departments/contractors and other stakeholders the same information on a regular basis.


Sky Vision Imageries System is the best way for construction companies to capture progress and conduct site surveys on the job site. Our complete UAV system generates high-resolution aerial images, topographic maps, 2D and 3D models, and accurate volumetric data. We can provide immediate reliable data for project estimates, civil survey designs, and construction stakeouts. Daily  or Weekly flights provide construction project managers, general contractors and survey managers with the most up to date reporting.

Construction site progress is more efficiently tracked, resources managed, downtime reduced, and projects are more often kept on schedule and under budget.


Flight – Less than 30 minutes to fly a 150 acre site

Information – Millions of data points in each 3D model

Measurement – Less than 1 minute to measure any distance or volume


Progress Monitoring

Daily or weekly drone flights help construction firms capture progress across an entire job site. Project teams have an on-demand visual history of the latest excavation and construction progress, making it easier to calculate distance, perimeter or volume.

We can also provide precise elevation data, contour lines, and fast 3D modeling. Our software also supports data export to engineering and GIS systems like Autodesk.

Asset Management

Construction assets including aggregates, materials, equipment, temporary roads and structures can be easily identified and labeled in our high-definition maps. Stockpile and excavation volumes can be automatically calculated for earthworks projects, and teams can quickly allocate space for new assets and resources

Sky Vision Imagery is the area's leading provider of high quality drone aerial photography services. Sky Vision Imagery offers a range of aerial photography services to meet all the needs of our clients.
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