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Aerial Mapping

Use Cases:

• Change Detection

• Pre Design/Development imagery

• Compliance Monitoring

• Baseline Data pre and post Natural disaster


• OrthoMosaics geo-rectified

• ArcGIS and/or Google Earth

• 3D Modeling

• DSM/DTM Hillshade modeling

Data acquisition can be obtained by SVI UAV services at a much more efficient and cost effect manner. SVI UAV services take the data to the next level. Not just providing imagery or video mapping (which can be the extent of the services), but the analytics necessary for real time decision making.


UAV imagery provides the ability, using GIS technology, to overlay subsequent flights on top of each other. Tools with GIS software allow organizations to “slide” layers allowing imagery comparisons previously unattainable cost effectively on regular intervals.

Up-To-Date Maps

Sky Vision Imagery stays up to date with the latest in aerial mapping technology. We want to provide you with the most accurate and up to date aerial information possible. Our goal is to provide you with aerial mapping information more frequently and in regular intervals. This allows you to note changes over time as well as constantly see what the current condition of your project is.

Don’t get caught with out-of-date information. Because of a simple workflow and easily repeatable data capture, maps and models can be updated as often as required. 

GIS Compatibility

Export true orthomosaics, digital surface models and 3D models for further analysis, as outputs are compatible with GIS and other professional platforms.

Accurate Results

Ensure you reach your standard of accuracy with our acquisition plans and pre-planned ground control points.



Recently we completed a project capturing aerial imagery, gathering elevation data, and creating 3D models for earthen dams across the state. After collecting about a dozen RTK corrected ground points we created a flight acquisition plan that allowed us to capture the imagery we needed in the least amount of flights and time to ensure a good model could be created. We flew two Nadir flights at a single altitude and the flew one oblique flight to capture the front face of the dam. After we collected the data we processed and aligned the imagery with the GCP’s and exported contour and elevation data, a 3D model, a digital terrain model and were able to calculate the fill volume of the dam before it would break the spill way and reach the inendation route. Below is the data we were able to collect.


THE POTENTIAL USES of drone technology in mining & aggregates have been talked about for years now. We are now able to send a drone to perform visual inspections on volumetrics and topography in order to help keep tabs on stockpiles.

Sky Vision Imagery is the area's leading provider of high quality drone aerial photography services. Sky Vision Imagery offers a range of aerial photography services to meet all the needs of our clients.
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